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The placenta is an amazing organ that the body creates, helps grow and sustain life in the womb, and provides bioavailable nutrients and hormones that can be consumed after birth! Placenta consumption is a common part of postpartum healing in many cultures. Current research shows that benefits include more stable moods, increased milk supply, and decreased healing time.
Properties including:
• Prolactin and Human Placental Lactogen (stimulates milk production)
• Oxytocin (bonding, feel good, contracts uterus, heals wounds)
• Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone (relieves stress, supports adrenals, fights depression)
• Progesterone (prepares mammories for lactation)
• Hemoglobin (transports oxygen throughout the body, increases iron stores)
• Placental Growth Hormone (promotes break down of stored fats, sending them to baby)
• Estrogen (increases uterine strength and prepares mammories for lactation)
• Phosphorus (aids digestion, hormone balance, cell repair, and nutrient utilization)
• Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (regulates metabolism)
• Cortisone (relieves inflammation, pain, and swelling)
• Urokinase Inhibiting Factor and Factor XIII (lessons bleeding, and promotes faster healing)
• Interferon (enhances immunity and inhibits virus reproduction)

CVA Doulas provides safe, ethical placenta processing by a BEST Certified Placenta Specialist in a dedicated placenta kitchen following food safety guidelines.

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